Tips and Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (Without Investing)

Tips and Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (Without Investing)

This time we will talk about the best tips to earn free cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin without investing. We will show you some of the most prominent online sites where you can earn free bitcoins.

If you are wondering how to earn bitcoins without investing money or how to earn free cryptocurrencies, in this article we will do our best so that you can solve all your doubts.

If you are a lover of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and do not have the capital to invest in them, here you will find some of the best ways and online sites to earn your first satoshis (1 bitcoin = 100,000,000 satoshis). Shall we start?


Surely you have heard several times about paid survey pages, but you may not know some of them that pay well, and also with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Doing surveys is a good way to earn a few dollars (euros or the currency of your country). There are paid surveys where you can earn from a few cents to several dollars. This time we will talk about several sites where you will be able to collect what you have earned in Bitcoin.

The most prominent survey pages are:

Timebucks – TimeBucks is one of the most popular sites for taking surveys, getting paid to view ads, etc. You can also advertise to promote businesses or services, access discount coupons to buy on popular online sites, perform tasks, and much more. Just for registering they will give you $1.

Also, if you are interested, it has an attractive referral system so that you can generate profits by inviting other people. Timebucks is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and valued sites in its category. Among its available payment methods is Bitcoin.

Surveytime – SurveyTime is a site specifically for conducting surveys. It is known for paying its users very well for each survey taken. In addition, it has been active in the market for years and has a very good reputation and reviews. Among its available payment methods, you have PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoin, etc.

Cointiply – Cointiply is a site with many possibilities. In it you can find from paid surveys to a Faucet, PTC, receive coins for playing or watching videos, and much more. Without a doubt, it is one of the most outstanding sites in its sector.

It also has an interesting referral plan if you want to invite your friends and acquaintances and earn commissions for it.

PTC and Similar

In this section we are going to talk about PTC or similar websites, that is, sites where we can earn bitcoins for seeing advertising or performing other similar tasks such as watching videos, playing games, etc. An easy way to earn small amounts of bitcoins (satoshis).

In the PTC or similar sites you can earn money by seeing ads, you can do cheap advertising (more or less segmented) and you can work on their referral systems to get profit from the people you invite.

The most prominent PTC and similar pages are:

BTCClicks – BTCClicks is one of the most prominent and well-known sites in the world. He has earned it by hand since he has been actively paying and doing a good job since 2013. You will be able to surf ads and earn bitcoins, advertise at a competitive price and work on his referral system to generate more commissions.

Cointiply –We have already talked about this website in the previous section, but we highlight it again in this one for being one of the most prominent PTCs and similar sites in the crypto world.

Timebucks – We also talked about it in the previous section on surveys, but it could not be missing from the PTC one because it is one of the best known and offers the possibility of collecting money in bitcoin.


Cryptocurrency faucets are places where we can get bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for free.

Faucets were created, among other things, to publicize cryptocurrencies. They gave away fractions of Bitcoin, and years ago even several bitcoins. crazy! truth?

Today, in early 2021, we can get small fractions of bitcoin, which is equivalent to a few cents of a euro or a dollar.

One of the best-known faucets and one that has been operating for the longest time is FreeBitcoin. You can sign up for free and start earning bitcoin. In addition to their well-known faucet, they also have raffles, lotteries, etc. Without a doubt, if you are looking for an honest faucet that gives away bitcoin, we recommend it.


On this occasion we will not talk about online mining or mining with complex specialized equipment, but rather mining with our own computer or browser.

Some of the best services we know of are:

StormGain – Storm Gain is a site that has been making waves for the last two years. It is an official partner of SS Lazio (in 2021, when we write this article), a renowned soccer team in the Italian league.

On this website, you can find numerous services in addition to online mining. You can use it to store your crypto assets as another wallet, trade on its exchange, and other possibilities.

If you sign up for Storm Gain through this link you can earn a free 25 USDT for depositing 100 USDT or more using the code: “BONUS25”.

NiceHash Miner –Nice Hash Miner is one of the most powerful software we know to be able to mine through your computer (graphics card) or other specialized mining devices. On this site, you can also find an Exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

One great thing about is that you will be able to calculate the daily mining profitability, so you can see which graphics cards or miners you are most interested in and create a lucrative strategy if you are thinking of mining a bit seriously, for example by putting together several graphics cards.

Websites or Social Networks that pay

There are several websites that are going to pay you bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies for doing some tasks like writing articles, listening to the radio, etc. Here are some of the best known.

One of the best-known sites to earn cryptocurrencies by performing simple “tests” is CoinBase. Their motto is “Earn cryptocurrency while learning about it”.

First of all, you must be registered in CoinBase, if you are not, you can do it from this link. Also, if you plan to buy Bitcoin now or in the future, they will give you $10 free for the purchase of $100 or more for registering through our link.

Once you are registered, you can access this URL   to start learning and earning cryptocurrencies. It's that simple.

Steemit – It is a social network where you will be able to upload and share content. Every time someone likes your content and receives a vote, it acquires a value that is distributed equally among the network's tokens.

50% corresponds to consumable money, which is represented by Steem Dollar, and the remaining 50% corresponds to voting power in Steem Power, which you can use to rate other publications from other Steemit users.

In this post from the same Steemit, you will be able to see 5 other similar websites, and you will also see the earnings that this specific post has generated, the votes it has received, etc. – It is a well-known website that has more than 119,000 radio stations. They simply pay you to listen to the radio and be connected to them.

The currency you generate is Bitradiocoins which you can then exchange into Bitcoins.


Airdrops are an easy way to earn free crypto or Tokens.

For companies, services, etc. It is a good form of marketing to make yourself known and for the user it is a good way to receive small rewards.

There are several types of airdrops such as:

Task airdrops: they will give you tokens or cryptocurrencies for performing some type of action or task. Some of the most common may be to follow that company, project or service through their social networks.

Exchange airdrops – Some projects like Stellar (XLM) choose some Exchange to give away a number of cryptos or a number of dollars in cryptos to users who go through the election process.

Airdrops by possession: this not so usual form of airdrop refers to the delivery of Tokens when the user already has a certain amount of them in their possession, that is, in their selected address or wallet.

Airdrops with wallets: receive tokens or crypto assets for downloading or using a specific wallet or purse.

Participating in an airdrop is something that is usually easy. On these websites:   and you can find the airdrops that are going to be launched soon.

Dangers and recommendations in airdrops

Before I start mentioning the dangers and recommendations for participating in airdrops, let me tell you that here you can find an article so you don't lose your bitcoins. Discover the tips and recommendations to keep in mind.

  1. Caution when installing third-party applications or software lightly.
  2. Never share your private keys, passwords, etc.
  3. When you use your social networks to participate in airdrops, it might be a good idea to do it with secondary social networks and not with the main and real ones.
  4. Never send money to participate in an Airdrop. Do not trust any airdrop that asks for money or any type of contribution.

I hope these tips for earning cryptocurrencies and bitcoin have helped you. If so, share us to reach more people and help grow the crypto world.