How to earn free cryptocurrencies without falling for scams?

How to earn free cryptocurrencies without falling for scams?

As the title says, earning free cryptocurrencies is possible and it is better when you do not invest anything and learn more about them in the process.

I know what you're thinking sounds too good but it's real. The information that we will share with you today is backed by two large companies in the world of cryptocurrencies, on the one hand, Binance, one of the best if not already the best cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, famous for its BNB currency and its Innovative blockchain cradle of many new projects Binance Smart Chain in conjunction with CoinMarketCap platform created to track the capitalization of different cryptocurrencies, the number of operations that use them and the current price converted to fiat currencies. The information is updated every five minutes.

Earn Cryptocurrencies with Binance and CoinMarketCap.

Register in Binance and complete the KYC system to validate our identity, this is very important because it will not only help us to get the cryptocurrencies in conjunction with CoinMarketCap if there are no other events within the platform and P2P trading.

Register with CoinMarketCap.

It is important to have our account verified in Binance, otherwise, the future steps will not take effect so we have to wait for Binance to verify us, the time may vary.

At CoinMarketCap we will be heading to learn and then generate income.

Once in generating income we will see all the projects with all the active and past campaigns to learn and win. We click on any of the active campaigns, they usually have an icon that indicates when the campaign is active.

Note: at the time of this tutorial, none were active since Nervous Network had just finished, whose final distribution was already scheduled for April 1, so it is important to be aware of the CoinMarketCap social networks.

Once the campaign is chosen, it is simple, we will be presented with a series of informative videos and a little theory about the project in question, I recommend watching the videos so that the platform records that we played them.

At the end of the video series, you will find the option to make a Quiz about the project in question.

Answer the Quiz, this is where Binance comes in because in one of the Quiz questions it will ask for your Binance ID that is found in your user panel in your account. then a series of multiple-choice questions that you will answer with the information from the videos or by copying someone who uploads the answers to the internet ... but doesn't forget the important thing is your Binance ID since the cryptocurrencies will be sent to you there. worry about your wallet they assign you one. 

Remember your Binance account has to be verified, I recommend you watch the videos of the project, Be careful with the periods and with the commas in the amounts, there are answers where CoinMarketCap asks things such as the number of tokens, etc ... that the same may perhaps you Send so you can see the amount if you copy, be careful not to leave any blank space.

If you answer everything correctly, you have a great chance of winning the crypto, it also helps to be among the first since there is the probability of being left out thanks to the great demand that these initiatives have.

Finally, gentlemen, we will take an example with the following image, if you check HERE, you will see the past projects including 1inch, Orchid, Helium of which we managed to win the cryptos. You don't always win, something like the one described in the previous point may have happened to me or we were just wrong, the point is that it pays.

If it is not clear to you how to get your Binance ID read HERE  and the terms and conditions at the end of this link.

Earn Cryptocurrencies with Binance and Twitter

Be registered with Binance and be verified.

Segur to Binance on Twitter.

Like the campaigns in conjunction with CoinMarketCap, from time to time they advertise projects where for a few days you have to read information about the project and share the publication with the  #BinanceLearnAndEarn on Twitter. They are usually 5 to 7 days.

On the last day of the campaign, a link is launched with a Quiz to answer where, as always, your Binance ID is important.

and if everything goes well we will win something.

Tip:- In general, a new cryptocurrency can increase in value over time, all this depends on the type of project and how markets such as Bitcoin behave, as we all know they are very unstable but it is good to save them for some time.